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Sunday, 5 August 2012

An introduction of sorts

Well, here we go again. Back in the blogosphere.

Your correspondent is a slightly humble Mail Officer with Australia Post who wishes to provide an insight into the lives of the working stiffs that do the actual work of this planet. You know, the stuff that actually has to be done, as opposed to the frippery that entire civilisations could happily progress onwards and upwards without, such as marketing and financial speculation.

So it's a window (or a mirror for the rest of us) on that world that the mainstream media largely deems invisible, irrelevant or unimportant yet fills up most waking hours for the majority of us. So there will be no commentary on MasterChef or Australia's Got Talent here, sadly. Nor will there be any unctious barracking for tribal politics, the internet is already rife with that detritus.

The intention is to keep it vaguely intelligent and provide some form of light relief from the prolix and fulsome enthusiasm we are pummelled with on a daily basis by marketers, consultants, change management hucksters and other carpetbaggers whose zeal is only matched by their worthlessness.

As my Authorised Union Rep (AUR) at work said to me the other week, 'Some people get their ambition and their ability mixed up'.


  1. “Granted they may have been conceived casually, brought up lazily, educated carelessly, but they were here. On earth. Why? To feed the appetite of industry and work to foolish regulations for the sake of the few free men of the world? And they had been kept ignorant of the fact they were slaves. They thought slaves were some other people, in another time, and probably coloured.”

    - David Ireland The Unknown Industrial Prisoner

  2. welcome to blognation, but I have to protest that Wixxy isn't 'detritus'. My blogs certainly are, and I care not. I visit all the good ones though, and have subscribed to you. X X

  3. Anne O'Dyne is a very old blogger friend. You are blessed to have her reading your blog. On the other hand, having me reading your blog is a bit of a worry... ;-)